Specialists recommends on the importance of developing the systems and legal procedures for women to reach her inheritance

Gaza-April/2015- number of laws specialists recommends on the importance of developing the systems and legal procedures for women to reach her inheritance, in addition to accelerate the taken procedures in courts to ensure that women reach to her inheritance.

It was through an open meeting organized by WAC in Gaza titled as “the effectiveness of the systems and legal procedures in protecting women rights to inheritance. Tens of lawyers and representative of civil society foundations attended, through the project of “the right of inheritance 2 – enhancing Palestinian women rights socially and economically by encourages them to reach their inheritance”. It’s funded by the European Union through the DCA with cooperating with YMCA And the woman Center for legal and social counselling in West Bank.

In a paper about “the experience of WAC in women rights in inheritance for the fifth year “, Suhair Baba the project lawyer said that, many activities were carried out through the project like conducting 300 awareness sessions about inheritance in all Gaza strip areas with targeting women and men, trainings for teachers, lawyers, and leaders, In addition to providing legal consultation, and converting 50 inheritance issue to courts.

The participants recommends on the importance of monitoring by women and legal foundations to discover the obstacles that women face in courts and issuing regular reports to follow-up on the process. And they asked also for issuing a law to punish who prevent women from getting her right in inheritance.

The participants also demand on the accelerate in establishing the legal department for women in minister of justice and increasing the number of awareness workshops to avoid the legal ignorance for women, also making a media campaign and issuing legal brochures about the process of inheritance cases in courts.