Minister of Justice, chancellor, Saleem AlSaqqa confirmed necessity to reconsider the legal and judicial system of women’s inheritance right to facilitate women’s access to their shares in inheritance as it considered as a fixed right in law.

Today during Women’s Affairs center celebration, Mr. Chancellor Alsaqqa said that “Women’s inheritance right is a sacred right guaranteed by the legitimate laws and ordinances while unfortunately reality says otherwise so everyone should stick to their rights and the community should work on enabling rights and ensure their validity through the dissemination of community culture, so that women can have access to their inheritance’s rights.”

And he added: “Lots of women were forced to relinquish their inheritance right before getting married and few of them get it while few other didn’t get it full due to their weak awareness in such issues as he mentioned that long-term judicial procedures push women to relinquish their rights.”

As he declared: “We are in dire need of a legislative revolution to change these judicial procedures to support women’s inheritance right so for all stakeholders, you have to streamline the judicial process because when women get their rights that would enable them economically and socially so there should be a political and community will to change these procedures.”

For the fourth year, this celebration organized by WAC is to confirm necessity of women’s inheritance right and to ensure that it is a sacred and a fundamental right guaranteed by the legitimate laws and ordinances and that was within the framework of “Women’s inheritance right Project 2 – Promote Palestinian women's social and economic rights through the promotion of access to inheritance” funded by the European Union through Dan Church Aid  Foundation (DCA) in partnership with the YMCA and Women Center for legal Aid and Counselling in the West Bank, in the presence of a few hundred representatives of civil society organizations and activists in defence of women's issues and that was in AlMathaf Hotel in Gaza.

Mrs. Amal Syam, WAC Director, said that “Our celebration today coincides with difficult political, social, and economic conditions, because of the continuing Israeli occupation and repeatedly aggressions on the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as well as the continuation of the siege, and the failure to achieve national reconciliation, which impedes progress towards the empowerment of women access to justice and equality especially their access to inheritance”

And she added: “ Women are exposed to a clear deprivation from  inheritance right due to lack of public awareness on this issue, and as a result of the inadequacy of the procedures that will ensure the attainment of women of inheritance right without violating and procrastination, and we must not forget the customs and traditions role in depriving women from that right."
As she hoped that this celebration would be an annual tradition to emphasize the importance of taking action and legal steps that guarantee the women’s access right to access to inheritance and that reflects the commitment of all human rights organizations in this field and she stressed the importance of establishing a center specialized in inheritance issues to achieve equal access to Inheritance rights through the equal distribution of the inheritance for all heirs.

A press release issued by the center and partner institutions in the project emphasized the importance of taking all measures and legal steps to ensure women's access right to inheritance and that reflects the commitment of all human rights organizations on this field and the importance of establishing a center specialized in inheritance issues , carrying upon themselves to achieve equality in access to Inheritance rights for all citizens, through equal distribution of inheritance shares of all heirs .

                                                         Project’s Achievements

During the celebration, there was a review of the most important achievements of the project within the last two years and they are: Implementation of 291 awareness workshops on "women's inheritance right” where there were 7076 beneficiaries and 3309 young female women and men.

As well as, WAC has offered legal consultations for 316 men and women by the project’s lawyers whether by awareness workshops, a telephone contact or via the project social website on Facebook or by visiting WAC and ask for direct legal consultation.

In addition, WAC has implemented 11 awareness workshops on "women's inheritance right” to 286 teachers and many other awareness workshops on gender sensitivity about "women's inheritance right" targeted civil society leaders and organized an open meeting entitled "The role of NGOs in advocating for women's inheritance right.”

And carrying out a training course on gender sensitivity for 160 mokhtars and another training on "Administrating local campaigns to promote women's inheritance right " in presence of 30 of feminist CBOs, in addition to a training on " Women legitimate and legal right taking in consideration her inheritance rights " to lawyers.


At the end of the celebration there was a 45-minute operetta entitled "We are trying to Understand” which simulates Women’s inheritance right.