Gaza – April 2015- the minister of justice (Salim Saqqa) emphasized on the necessity of re-looking in the legal system to facilitate getting women their inheritance as it’s a stable right by religion and law.

During the fourth festival of the women’s day in inheritance which is conducted by WAC in Gaza, Saqqa said that women right in inheritance is a sacred right but unfortunately the reality we live didn’t reflect that, so all society should be work on empowering this right to women by publishing the culture of it. A lot of women enforced to give up on their inheritance before their marriage, where little gets some of it.

The festival is organized by WAC which is the fourth to emphasize on women right of her inheritance, through the project activities of “the right in inheritance 2 – enhancing Palestinian women rights socially and economically by encouraging them to get their inheritance”, it’s funded by European Union through DCA with partnering with YMCA and women center for social and legal counseling in west bank, hundreds of representatives of civil society foundations , actives in women issues , legal a and who concerned in, attended which is held in Al Mathaf hotel on Gaza Beach.

The project achievements

The main achievements of the project during two years where displayed as : conducting 291 awareness workshops about “ women right in inheritance” in all Gaza strip areas, the participants were 7076 female and 3309 male. The center also provides legal counselling for 316women and men by the project layer through awareness workshops or phone calling. And the center also conducted a training about “gender sensitivity of women’s rights in inheritance” for the 160 old people and another training of “local campaign management in enhancing women’s right in inheritance” for 30 participants of the women CBOs in Gaza strip, in addition to a training to the lawyers about “ the legal right for women in her inheritance”

At the end of the festival there was an operetta show of 45-minutes entitled as “we try to understand” about women’s right to inheritance.