“Despite damage  … Long Live 8th March”

The festival slogan of Women’s Affairs Center in Gaza in International Women’s Day

Gaza – March 2015- WAC in Gaza held a festival in 8th March for International Women Day of folklore show. Hundreds of representatives of civil society foundational and politicians and tens of journalists who support women rights attended the festival.

Dabka team perform a show with wearing the Palestinian dress and mixing between the heritage Palestinian before immigration and songs of Palestinian revolution as “my home” and “Evening comes a free national”.

Zeinab GHunaimy said that “the 8th of March is coming on the Palestinian woman and the Israeli occupation still practices their crimes and violence against civilians. And she added also that Gaza Strip paid an extra tax because of the last Israeli aggression which resulted to hundreds of martyrs and injured and immigrated thousands of families and the siege still continuous.

Amal Siam (WAC Director) welcomed all Palestinian women who struggle in refugee camps in Syria and Lebanon and who are living now in caravans in Gaza Strip. She added that the festival this year came and the Palestinian pain still bleeding, where hundreds of families still without home. And she emphasized that the poverty and unemployment is increasing, with increasing the violence types against women who are the victim everywhere in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.


She added also that the last Israeli aggression resulted to 239 women martyrs and half million of Palestinians were immigrated. And hundreds of widow’s women need a lot of support and assistance. And she asked the international society to acquit with their responsibilities to protect women as indicated in the international documents and decision to stop occupations, where there is no peace or stability without stopping the conflict with occupation, as the slow of reconstruction is very dangerous on our people.

The press coordinator in this year clarified that the festival this year was came to ensure to all world that Gaza Strip is belonging strongly to the nations despite of the last Israeli aggression on the strip, and they will continue the struggling without fatigue or retreat. With wishes that next year all the circumstances of Palestinians and women will improve.