Gaza – Dr. Haifa Agha (Minister of women affairs in National Accord Government) visited the tenth exhibition “our women’s products” which is organized by WAC in Gaza every year on the honor of the 8th of March – women international day.

The minister expressed her pleasure and proud for organizing this exhibitions which give women opportunities to market their national , heritage and women’s products made by their hands, which also preserve the Palestinian identity and also live the Palestinian heritage in Palestinian minds specially the new generation.

Zeinab Ghuneimy (Head Director of WAC), Amal Syam (WAC’s Director) and all centre staff welcomed the minister attendance which is considered as supportive for the centre and women who joined the exhibition.

The exhibition was started two days ago under a slogan “despite damage  … long live 8th of March” with participation of 51 CBO’s who support marginalized women in Gaza Strip, and small projects for women whom were supported as they were granted specialized trainings in managing small project and feasibility study and they also were given leans to start their own projects to get income in different areas in Gaza Strip

The products were diverse between heritage and embroidery products, wooden sculptures, drawing on glass and handcrafts.

Thousands of Gazan’s still attend the exhibition from all Gaza Strip areas.

The exhibition were held in spite of damage a lot of small projects during the last Israeli attack on the strip, but women who owns their small projects insisted to devise the circumstance and join the exhibition to enhance and support the Palestinian product.