Gaza-February 2015 – WAC in Gaza conducted a workshop for discussing the title of main file of number 51 in Ghaida magazine, the main topics in it are “women and electricity”. The attendees were 25 of journalist from different Arabic local and international press media of visual, written and audio press.

Samar Darilmy (media coordinator) said that this is the first number that issued in 2015 out of four will be issued later. She indicated that during the workshop they discuss women suffering in Gaza Strip and women refugees from Syria who are Syrians and Palestinians and women from Libya who escaped from their bad circumstances to Gaza Strip.

Darimly clarified that the workshop discussed ideas related to electricity problem, and alternatives that can be used during the electricity cut off and the impact of electricity cut off on the media staff and their work, the community’s suffering as students and old people, and the cost of electricity. Other topics and ideas related to refugees women from Syria also were discussed especially their social and economic life and their circumstances, their demand to improve their life.

1000  copies of the magazine will be printed and published to civil society organizations and women’s centers and places that people visit regularly as health centers and others. The copy will be uploaded on the web site of the center also.

At the end of each number there is an English summary of the main contents to let the foreign reader to have a look on the issues belong to the Palestinian and Arabic woman.