Gaza-February 2015- WAC implemented an advanced training about “Pressure and advocacy campaigns for empowering women to reach their right in inheritance” through the project of “Women right in inheritance2-enhacing Palestinian women rights socially and economically by encourage them to reach their inheritance”, its funded by European union through the DCA partnering with YMCA and women center for legal and social counselling in West Bank.

Reem Nairab (Project Coordinator” said that this training is an initial step for implementing the national campaign between WAC and the partner foundations to press on the ministry of justice to adopt the idea of establishing a department of inheritance issues belong to the ministry.

Nairb added that the training was 30 training hours with cooperation with project coordinator, campaign coordinator and five directors of five women based organizations in addition to three media staff for the press campaign.

The main topics in the training were about methods and means used for campaign, advocacy concepts, and advocacy roles in the campaign, the strategic plan, and problem tree and change theory.

The national campaign will consist of radio and TV episodes, sketch plays, Spot radios, advertising, murals, and prints about inheritance.