Gaza-February/2015 WAC carried out an advanced training about “lobbying and advocacy campaigns to empower women to gain access to their right to inheritance” in order to empower women to get their right to inheritance within the project of Women’s right to inheritance framework and the project of enhancing Palestinian women socio-economic rights through promoting access to inheritance financed by the European Union through the Danish Church Aid Foundation DCA in partnership with the YMCA and Women’s Center for Legal Aid and Counseling.


Reem Al-Neirb the project coordinator clarified that the training comes the first step to carry out the joint national campaign between the center and partner organizations in the project to lobby on the Ministry of Justice to adopt the notion of establishing a special department for inheritance issues belonging to the ministry to ensure the distribution of inheritance to heirs as stipulated by the limitation of succession.

According to Al-Neirab the training consisted of 30 training hours with the participation of the project coordinator and the coordinator of the campaign and five directors of the five based women’s organizations in addition to three media women in order to carry out the media campaign for the national campaign.


The training discussed various topics; most important are the mechanisms and ways and means that are used for campaigns, advocacy concepts, the role of advocacy and lobbying in the campaign, the strategic plan, the problem tree, and the theory of change.



The national campaign which will be implemented by WAC will include radio and television episodes, theatrical sketches, radio spots, advertisements and murals, and special publications of inheritance.