24-February 2015

A Witness to the Age is the title of a photo gallery organized by WAC in Gaza with partnership with the Ministry of Culture in the National Consensus government to view (40) photographs for some scenes from the latest Israeli offensive on Gaza in 2014 on the ruins of the house of books building which belongs to the ministry which was bombed during the offensive with the presence of a number of males/females journalists and representatives of civil societies and also who was concerned. 

Amal Syam , WAC director said in the opening speech “we organize to this exhibition since more than seven months after the halting of the brutal offensive on Gaza, which lasted for 51 days and killed thousands of martyrs of young people, women, children and elderly, destroyed thousands of homes and displaced their residents. The exhibition, which we consider as a documentary for the crimes of the Israeli occupation, consisted of dozens of photographs which were taken by male/female journalists during the offensive. "

Amal Syam added “these photographs are not the only witness to the crimes of the occupation, every drop of blood spilled on this earth and the lives of the martyrs and the destruction caused by the Israeli military machinery in the whole regions in Gaza is the biggest proof for the crimes that the occupation practiced against the unarmed civilians. 

She stressed on the need for reconstruction to be started in Gaza as fast as possible to live up with the causalities and wished a full recovery to the male/female wounded the victims of the offensive. 

Wesam Juda the advocacy program coordinator explained that the photo gallery which is held on the ruins of a bombed building during the offensive is like a witness on the age as it considered as a part of the center documenting to spot light the crimes of the recent Israeli offensive on Gaza through viewing 40 photographs for 12 male/female journalists whereas the exhibition will continue till mid-March.

Atef Asqol the general director of the Department of creativity and arts in the Ministry of Culture said: "This bombed spot which the exhibition is held on is a witness to the size of the destruction caused by the occupation during the offensive and an affirmation to our survival on this earth and our holding to our dreams and hopes, despite the bad conditions."