Gaza-February 2015- WAC in Gaza opens training about “scientific research skills in human rights issues” for three days as 15 training hours. The aims of the training were the knowledge of scientific research concept with its investment in women issues and problem solving. 20 nominees participated in the training from women and academic and human rights associations.

Hedaya Sahmoun (research and Information Coordinator) clarified that the main goals of the training are to concentrate on developing the nominees skills in the concept of scientific research and developing the culture of the scientific research in the civil organizations to concentrate on Palestinian women issues, in addition to the types of the scientific research and determining tools for data collection. And designing research plans to work on problems related to human rights.

The training this year is distinguished in concentrating on human rights issues and the training outputs will be a proposal for each participant to show the benefit from the training and to transfer the skills to the foundation they belong to.

All participants agreed on the importance of the trainings in human rights which will be developed to women issues and her problems in the future.