WAC opens a Fine Art exhibition entitled “My Other Half “within “Come on Guys “initiatives in Khanyounis, southern of Gaza Strip with participation of many fine artists.20 paintings were viewed during the exhibition, as they show important women's issues in Palestinian society, concerning the right of women in inheritance, political participation and violence against women.

The paintings express the artistic sense that most of young youth have, as well as their paintings were able to convey the image and issues in a fun and easy way.
Mrs. Wissam Joudah, the advocacy program coordinator,  said: "This exhibition comes to coincide with the annual International campaign against violence against women, which begins its activities in the twenty-fifth of November until the tenth of December of each year, 5 artists participated in the exhibition sculptors and many other activities where each plate with a message inspired by the idea of the show towards the goal against all forms of discrimination and violence against women, and to emphasize that Art is always a tool to advocate for community and humanitarian issues and the most touching of the reality in which we live.

By her turn, khoulod ElDesoki, one of the artists expresses her happiness on their participation in this exhibition, some of the paintings that embodied the issues and women's rights. Hazem AlZommer, one of the artists participating, said: "The exhibition provided a great opportunity to express my feelings through drawing feelings of women, which cannot be expressed through the plates of fine art and he thanks Women Affairs Center, which provided him with all the necessary facilities of colors and feathers and paintings to express his feelings.