A scientific feminist study recommended the need to pay more attention to small projects for women and reducing taxes, and helping in establish these projects, as well as empowering women economically and socially.

This came during a workshop carried out by WAC in Gaza to view the results of a scientific study entitled "The Reality of women with small projects in Gaza Strip," which was presented in the presence of a group of specialists in the field of scientific research.

Mrs. Amaal Syam, the General Director, confirmed that the choice of the subject of economic empowerment of women comes from the center’s interest in facing problems relating to them and try to solve them .As well as she pointed out that this study was completed before the recent aggression on Gaza Strip still there are lots of women who lost their projects during the last aggression.

By her side, Mrs. Hedaya Shimon, the research program coordinator said that, the center seeks to promote a culture of scientific research as one of changing methods, where the center works on providing research ideas compete by 23 researchers, and then we have 8 personal interviews, and ultimately was selected two research papers to work on them.

In his turn, the researcher Ibrahim Abu Rahma said that, the study is consisted of 492 women, while was selected a sample of 98 women and we get back about 93 samples. The researcher added that the most important result of the study is the clear positive impact of training on small projects which leads to success, and that women hold projects to improve the income of their families, as well as the majority of women entrepreneurs possess previous experience for a small projects.