WAC carried out 4 training days about “ Self-care, well-being, and integrated safety concepts” with 35 training hours and with participation of 82 female activists in the field of human rights and local community in addition to the crew working at WAC.

These training days came after the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip which lasted for more than (51) days and left a negative psychological impact on women's and community members of all political, economic and social levels. During the training sessions we dealt with a variety of topics, including: the concept of self-care and safety, the exercises reinforce the sense of security and self-interest in the work environment and the family environment as well as we dealt with how to get rid of fatigue, anxiety and negative emotions through exercises.

According to Mrs. Hedaya Shamo’n, the research and information coordinator “ with these exercises we aimed  to promote the concept of self-care and well-being and integrated safety and to contribute in creating a safe space for participants through exercises that have been working on , and to contribute in creating a degree of comfort and a sense of tranquility and support negative energy dump and replace it with a positive one and to support the creation of strategies of activists on  personal and practical case for good self-care.

At the end of each session the participants said that these sessions were greatly inspiring and they had a great time and it is important to feel of self-worth.

In the reactions of one of them: "Training sessions talk about a lot of issues that motivate us as girls in the field of mental nutrition, and taught us how to look for all that is beautiful in ourselves and made us realize and discover the strengths in ourselves and in addition to the interest in self-confidence and control positions as well as know how to address weaknesses and turn them into power and access to what is hidden in ourselves and a sense of inner harmony .”