Gaza-October / 2014

Numbers of Makhateer confirmed on their intention to get women involved in resolving issues related to women's right inheritance from a gender perspective through their involvement in monthly meetings to discuss and resolve these issues, sponsored by women's Affairs Center in Gaza and in the various areas of Gaza Strip.

This happened during the end of a training session on "gender sensitivity” in dealing with inheritance issues within the project of women's inheritance right 2 which promote Palestinian women social and economic rights through the promotion of access to inheritance," funded by the European Union through Danish International Development Agency in partnership with the YMCA and Women Center for legal Aid and consulting in the West Bank. It was a 60-hour- training in the presence of 75 of makhateer and many other mediators.

The attended makhateer express their gratitude to the information they received during a training session on inheritance which become more serious in advocating women's issues, especially their inheritance rights.

Mrs. Reem Neirab explained that the training session goal is to educate trainees of gender and its relationship with women's inheritance right, and to raise the trainees awareness of legal inheritance rights for women, and to enable trainees to identify cases of inheritance and the scale of inheritance in each case, and to enable trainees on the mediation field of inheritance from a gender perspective issues.

Mrs. Reem Nairab talked about many important topics, including: the concepts of gender, view the Personal Status Law from a gender perspective, the concept of inheritance, types of heirs, cases of inheritance of women and women's share in each case, the role of intermediaries in enabling women to get their right to inheritance from a human rights and gender perspective, skills and competencies required in the intermediary in dealing with inheritance issues.


By their turn, makhateer express their willingness to form a supportive body for women and participate in solving the issues of inheritance for women through a gender and human rights perspective.