In the 66th anniversary of the Nakbah, women’s Affaires Center in Gaza confirms to uphold the rights of return, as the Palestinians commemorate the anniversary of Nakbah in a reconciliation atmosphere after a seven-year-division.

As well as, the anniversary of Nakbah this year came while the administrative prisoners are fighting hunger strike for the day 22 to get their right of freedom, as the Israeli violations are still continued against us and their schemes that aimed to empty the Palestinian territories of the population to expand settlements in the West Bank, as well as the continued blockade on Gaza Strip.
PCHR also calls upon the Palestinian factions and civil society organizations and international institutions, to unite their efforts and take responsibility to support the refugees in the camps and improve their living conditions, and reject any scheme for the derogation of the right of return, and support the Palestinians who remained within the territories occupied in 1948.

And calling for ending to the Palestinian division as soon as possible and changing the laws that protect women.