Gaza – With the high number of murders of women in Palestine, WAC denouncing the murder of the citizen Sabrine Ayad (23) years from the city of Ramallah in the West Bank on Monday, May 5/2014, after the attack by her ex-husband, who stabbed her in the headquarters of Sharia court in the town of Birzeit.

Al.Samooa, a town in Hebron, also witnesses many other murders, in which the offender tries to kill girl and her brother who was seriously injured, after he has tried to rape one of them.

WAC calls upon the need to punish the perpetrators as it calls for a speedy end to the division as soon as possible to change the Palestinian laws to protect the women’s rights in a better way.

It emphasizes the need to educate the community about the risks of violence against women because of the continuing blockade and the poor economic conditions and lack opportunities which often led to permanent family disputes.

It is noteworthy that the number of murders has increased in Palestine during the last year 2013, up to 27 cases, of which 15 are in the West Bank, and 12 in the Gaza Strip, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.