15.April 2014- Gaza.

Woman’s Affairs Center organized pause solidarity under the slogan of “Inheritance: A right of the Palestinian woman” and that was in Al.jondi Al.Majhoul yard with the presence of many men and women from different areas of Gaza Strip in partnership with Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling, Young Men's Christian Association, and Danish Church Aid Foundation with the support of the European Union.

500 balloons colored with the Palestinian flag colors were launched at the same time in Gaza and in Ramallah despite the geographical separation emphasizing on the necessity of the national unity.

That pause comes within the framework of inheritance project “2 “that supports women’s economic and social rights through helping  them to get their shares of inheritance and show women how to ask for them.

During the pause there was a statement about women’s economic rights and how could they get them as well as how to stop violence against woman. That statement showed that one of the most important economic rights is the inheritance one as there are lots of women who could not get it.

As well as that statement talked about the challenges that women face in getting their rights such as the male -dominated view in the society, her fear to face her brothers and relatives, the legal obstacles that haven’t any legal texts that criminalizes the fraud cases, there aren’t any legal texts that help women to get their shares of inheritance legally, the length of court proceedings, the high fees for lawyers who help women to get their rights that led women to relinquish them, and there are many unregistered lands that prevent the legal procedures to follow their path.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the idea of our project has emerged from these challenges, so the second stage of the project aims to enhance women’s access to their shares of inheritance through helping women to ask for their rights.

This stage targets youth, men, women, and community leaders, clerics, men of private sector, as well as official institutions, so working with these will create a positive supportive environment of women's access to their rights to inheritance.