Gaza. April 2014.

Women’s Affairs Center organizes 6 awareness workshops on issues of inheritance in the purpose of promoting women’s social and economic rights through encouraging them to seek for their rights of inheritance and that was in partnership with Young Men’s Christian Association, Women's Center for Legal Aid & Counseling in the West Bank, and Danish Church Aid funded by the European Union.

The six workshops were entitled “Gender sensitivity and its effect on inheritance issues”. The most important participants were: Community leaders, workers of non-governmental organizations, members of political parties, academics from different universities, and workers of financial institutions.

The workshops’ main purpose was to raise awareness of inheritance issues from a gender perspective so that the targeted figures would be affective ones in the society.

Mrs.Reem Nirab, small project coordinator, said that “It’s noted that there is a lack in the amount of information concerning inheritance issues and through these workshops we tend to clarify some concepts related to inheritance issues in a deeper way”.

Mrs. Nirab adds that “these figures are in need of an advanced awareness related to women’s inheritance rights which will be implemented in the second year of the project. “

In addition, Majedah Qudaih, a member of one of the political parties said that “I wish that one day we’ll come to the point where we could get our rights easily and find a way to stop violence against women so; such workshops can build woman’s self-confidence and strengthen her ability to overcome all the obstacles that she may confront.”

As well as, she wishes to continue these workshops in all areas of Gaza Strip especially the man dominated ones which are in an argent need of them.