Gaza – Sep 2013 – A group of combined Italians with the Palestinian cause demanded media to tackle the Palestinian cause in different foreign languages, to gain more international support and advocacy; and thus makes a real change to the reality of the Palestinians.

That came during a meeting organized by WAC in Gaza within the activities of " Al Yamamah Network  for Arab and Palestinian women in media " , the Italian one which includes activists and reporters in the informative, political and social works.

' Al Yasmin group ", which aims to spread global justice between people, explained that to win international public opinion and to support the Palestinian cause, media should address the world in his own language that they can understand and can be affected with. It can't be achieved only with national unity and with putting an end to the Palestinian division, when a small bomb falls on an Israeli city and causes a pit as a result, the entire world stand besides Israel, while scenes of the remains of the Palestinian children and women never affect!

The group showed that most of the Western media show a misleading image about Gaza talking about terrorism and overlooks the positive and beautiful sides of life in Gaza, pointing out that the image that was prevalent is an image of farmers and fishermen only.

The team praised the Palestinian women in particular with regard to the level of the high university education that they reached to, pointing out that some European countries' literary rate is less than that in Gaza Strip.

Samar Al Darimly, media coordinator in the center,  stressed on the importance of the exchange of experience and skills between reporters in Gaza with their counterparts for Arab world and internationally also, it would give them the opportunities to work and to be creative, and even to think in a creative way.

Al Yasmin Italian group announced that they  are ready to prepare documentaries about the bright aspects of Gaza.

The team choosed the name Yasmin for their group because this flower has meanings of love and freedom and it's widely spread in Palestine and distinguishes all the countries of the Mediterranean.