Gaza, March 2013, WAC has celebrated concluding the project of "promoting women's access to justice in marginalized areas in Gaza strip" which is funded by United Nations Development Program "UNDP".

Attended the ceremony executive director of WAC ,Mrs. Amal Syam , deputy director of the program promoting women's access to justice in marginalized areas in Gaza strip at United Nations Development Program, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Shamala , Mr. Salama Bsisso vice president of Bar association in Gaza strip and the project coordinator in
WAC Mrs. Hala Al Qishwai, in addition to representatives of local community institutions and , the event was held in Al Comodor Hotel in Gaza.

Pointing out lawyer  Suhair Al Baba, the ceremony master that the project aimed to raising women's awareness level  through providing tangible services to help them being more strong and able to demand  their rights, especially in marginalized areas.

From her side thanked Mrs. Syam  those who are working on the program of promoting women's access to justice in marginalized areas in Gaza strip at United Nations Development Program, NGO's, Association Bar and everyone contributed to the success of this project.


She also said that WAC has opened  legal clinic No. (5) at June 2011 to provide legal aid and consultation also representation in courts  in addition to awareness sessions in order to facilitate women's access to justice.   


Added Syam, " our clinic has succeeded turning women to be more aware and strong of demanding their rights; as it’s the first step of enhancing the term of justice, hoping that new project might come and continue enabling women, and achieve the center's  goal which believes that women's access to justice is a basic step on the road of justice and equality that starts with justice of laws and legislations."   

She also emphasized on the necessity of continuing work and efforts to face  challenges that Palestinian woman lives , Gazan woman in particular such as blockade, division and discrimination in laws and legislations that reflects on women's social and economic situations.

On his behalf, appraised Abu Shamala  in his speech with the special partnership with WAC  through its intervention and contributions to the success of the project, moreover he clarified that  supporting the cause of law Sovereignty has became central cause on the international agenda as basic factor for development as they have succeeded in the inclusion of justice based on gender, rights and duties.

He also said" the program has succeeded in giving training for women leaders  to raise their qualifications and enhance their role of supporting women's access to justice." Renewing his commitment toward supporting women's access to justice.

On the other hand pointed Salama Bsisso, vice president of Bar association in his speech to the importance of the project's contribution to the huge role of supporting women's access to justice therefore solving a lot of women's issues especially in marginalized areas that suffers from lack of awareness  about law and legal rights.


He also added that legal aid  network has reached 25000 inhabitant with help including consultations, mediation, arbitration and legal representation. 

Presented psychologist Ibtisam Daloul,  the project's activities and achievements over one year, where 80 legal workshop were conducted about personal status law , and rights related to marriage, divorce and custody targeted 2600 beneficiary, moreover 50 psychological , social support session has been conducted targeted 1690 beneficiary.


Finally a theatrical was played discussing the legal social oppression and discrimination practiced against women in addition to violence.