Gaza , March/2013 honoring Palestinian women struggles , female prisoners in Israeli  jails in particular as well as Arab women struggles during the Arab spring revolutions , WAC has celebrated Women International day with the presence of elite of politicians,  civil society organizations representatives  and feminist activists. The event was held in Archmed Hotel on Gaza beach .

During the ceremony ,silent documentary has been presented  talking about  women role in the Arab Spring Revolutions in addition to play titled with "Everything is on my head" it was about eastern society perception about housewife's work and Rap song  about Palestinian women struggles, moreover  there was  participation for Ms. Dalal Al Taji  one of the Palestinian survivors   from Sabra and Shatila massacre ,and who told the story  of what happened the day of the massacre she witnessed.       

In her speech Mrs. Zainab Al Ghunaimi chairwomen of WAC welcomed the attendants and  tributed all Palestinian women  considering that this march is coming with all women in Palestine and Arab world demonstrating in defense for their rights , asking for social justice.

Emphasizes Mrs. Al Ghunaimi that last year witnessed killing of 17 Palestinian female martyrs as a result of continuous Israeli  violence   in addition to 3 women who  passed away as a result of honor defense killing.

She added that current march has came also and Palestine is celebrating being observer at the United Nations but unfortunately  it comes with the existence of internal division that goes away with our hopes and sacrifices. 

She also  appraised the sacrifices of Palestinian woman, valuing the  great  role  of prisoners in the Israeli jails as well as the martyrs.    

She also encountered tribute to all Palestinian women  in homeland and Diaspora. Appraising their struggling for the cause , emphasizing that they are partners in decision making  as in social life.

And also she encountered greeting  to President Mahmoud Abbas(Abu Mazen)  for his approval upon the report issued by woman committee at the United Nations for ending violence against women.

On her behalf said Mrs. Amal Syam , executive director of WAC  that women have demonstrated demanding  for their rights, and now  they are revolting against  isolation wall ,blockade, settlements, injustice, prisons and prisoners and the list goes  on.

 she also added  that  the years  are  passing and the division is still on even during two attacks over Gaza Strip, where hundreds were killed, thousand were  injured and became homeless ,besides the  destruction of the main infrastructure.

She emphasize  that’s the Israelis  attacks effects and results over Gaza Strip is clear indicator to  the occupations  disclaimer from all the international commitments and continues violation of   humane rights, adding that " with the increasing  inability of international community to protect the Palestinian, we add our voice to other voices that call for ending the occupation and it's crimes against the Palestinians. "

As she  appraised the legendary resistance of the prisoners in the Israeli jails, demanding freedom for  all prisoners in the Israeli jails.

 she also appraised the Arab revolutions against injustice and autocracy, hoping that this movements wont have  any negative effects  that might take us backwards concerning women rights.

As she directed special greeting for demonstrated women in the Arab world , women of Palestine ,Syria ,Tunisia ,Egypt ,Yemen, Libya and Iraq who struggled   for their fair cases.

As  the Palestinian statistics lately  emphasized   that women participation in labor force decreased to be 17%  only in addition to rapid increase in violence rates against women in general.  

She also declared that the Center is Committed with its continuous efforts  for the sake of  enabling women  and advocating their cases also their  social rights in addition to combating all forms of violence against women.


From her side said Samar Al Dreemly , Media coordinator at WAC and ceremony coordinator that every years ceremony has different character , for this year the festival character was patriotic that’s because we are witnessing national reconciliation, continous occupation crimes against Palestinians , Al Aqsa Mosque and prisoners which coincided with popular movement in solidarity with them.

She continued that this made us wants to appreciate and value all efforts done to unify our homeland and push towards the necessity of ending the occupation also refreshing memories with the massacres this occupation made to us since the catastrophe, moreover shedding the light on women struggles and suffering in Arab world  and Palestine in particular.