Gaza, January/2013, specialists has emphasized on the necessity of public relations network that has clear strategy to communicate with the west , as well as the outside world with their languages and tools that highlights the  Palestinian cause .

This came during training day that was  organized by women's affairs center in Gaza within the framework of AL Ymama Network for Palestinian and Arab women in media activities entitled with "Press Experience from the inspiration of America" which presented the experience of a journalist and what he has gained during his trip to America and the training he has received about how to invest social media in supporting and advocating our cause.    

Emphasized Mrs. Samar AL Dreemly, Media Coordinator at WAC on the importance of exchanging experiences among Palestinian journalists especially when they receive skillful training courses outside ,so everyone can benefit from such experiences.

The training course has discussed different subjects such as : the difference between traditional and new media in terms of methods and tools used in addition to the influence, safe browsing and confidentiality of information, activists and their personal data, getting to know more  about social media networks in terms of its history, services, advantageous and media influence, techniques of professional journalism, life in America and how to improve tools used in approaching the west and finally unifying media discourse in Palestine so the world can better understand our cause.   

During the training course, detailed explanation has be presented about how to best use social media networks to publish and influence others moreover how to register, subscribe and interact with its services, also discussing the differences between groups and pages , trending causes and publications through social media networks such as (face book and twitter) mentioning the importance and benefits of each one of them to journalism, media and electronic publishing.

Participants has agreed on the necessity of changing our media terms which we use to show and serve our Palestinian cause.