Gaza-Jan/2013. 25 years old was the lady who came to the legal aid clinic number 5 at the women's affairs center, she was in a very difficult conditions as she was divorced with tow twin children moreover she was forced to sign a paper giving up children custody so she can get divorce, but she couldn’t give her children away ,so she came to the legal aid clinic asking for help.

After the assistance she received from the project's lawyer explaining to her in details about her right of keeping the children and how she can get to that , they managed to get written and signed approval by the judge and directly went to the police department for implementation moreover the project's lawyer advised her to demand her financial rights and retrieve her dowry , so the lady has signed all required papers which allows the lawyer to step forward in this case and she succeeded getting back her rights  as the judgments obtained for her interest in the court. 

This story is one of the many successful stories that came as  result of the hard work within the project of "enhancing women's access to justice in vulnerable areas" which is implemented by women's affairs center and funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Marriage and its problems and the way couples treating each others also how they solve their marital problems, in addition to personal status law were the subjects of 102 psychological , legal and educational workshop held by women's affairs center targeting (3659) of women and me all over Gaza strip.

Said Mrs. Hala AL Qishawi, project coordinator: workshops has been implemented in different areas of Gaza strip such as (Rafah, Khanyounis, Jabalia, Bait Hanoun, Bedwin Village) for the sake of improving legal services for weak groups of women in the Strip as well as increasing legal awareness among civil community.

 She also added that (197)legal consultation has been implemented about alimony ,divorce and its related expenses on the other hand psychological and social consultations reached (138) consultation about how to deal with the husbands, after giving birth depression, violence against women, how to deal with children, and how to deal with the bad economic and social situation.

Speaking about the legal representation,50 judicial case in front of Palestinian courts where those women managed to get 100 different decrees regarding marital problems such as custody, alimony and many other related issues thus 34 case were transferred to the lawyers association and alliance for justice and charity tender, and 24 case has been received from different civil institutions.

Regarding training courses that has been implemented through the project , AL Qishawi emphasized that tow training courses has been implemented, the first one was titled with "reading the Palestinian law from gender perspective" which was 40 training hours for 6 days with the attendance of 70 lawyers from both genders , and the second training course was titled with" community based women leaders training" which was also 40 training hours  targeting 52 lady after they got nominated by the Centers partners which are based feminism institutions in the Gaza strip. Thus 9 radio sessions has been implemented discussing subjects related to Palestinian laws through radio (voice of people) in addition to 13 mediation between couples without referring to courts.   

Mediation Without Resorting to Court

Another successful story of the project  about, 37 years old lady married to 85 years old man as a second wife after the death of the first wife , she came to the legal clinic with her baby after leaving her husbands house because of bad treatment and not getting fair life in their , the husband was not providing her with any of life necessary aspects , so she decided with the assistance of the clinic lawyer to demand her rights through the court moreover she couldn’t stay also at her fathers place because he was hitting her and treating her so bad , her situation was very difficult to the extent she slept in the streets , after going to the legal clinic and starting with the legal procedures against her husband , she got adjudication from the court, and when the judge asked for the husband's presence , the husband refused to go to the court or deal with any legal procedures and after things got really complicated from all sides , the project's lawyer decided to solve the problem between the couple without resorting to court, so she called both of them to the clinic, talked to them , sorted out things and now things are fixed between both, as the wife cancelled the legal procedures against her husband.

This story is another achievement for the legal clinic number 5