Gaza- December 2012/ Women’s Affair Center (WAC) closed a photography shooting training course which lasted for four days, 20 training hours including a field trip to shoot natural scenes in Gaza with the presence of fifteen journalists and media graduates.


The course subjected several topics such as the definition of journalistic photography, how to deal with camera and shoot correctly, camera settings and how to take creative photography shoots.


Samar Al Dremly- Media coordinator- emphasized on the importance of having photography shooting skills for journalists; as in lot of cases the photo might be more powerful and express more than hundreds of words.


She continued “The successful photo helps, supports and strengthening the text; and all journalists most follow up the international professional approaches using high quality and new cameras and lens”.


Housam Aziza – A Trainee- said “The training course supported me a lot to recognize the basics of shooting; and I learnt new things in photography shooting such as “Bouquet "and “Alputrih”; calling WAC to conduct more photography shooting courses”.


Sabreen Abu Musalem said “ I didn’t have a background about shooting; but now I feel that I can make a full report with its photos” She emphasized on the importance of implementing courses that do complete the current one in the field of  journalistic photography.