Women's Affair Center Launches "So as Not to Lose My Right" Campaign

15th October 2012- Gaza / "Community Leaders, Women and Psychosocial Support" are the goals of the next phase of the project "Woman's Right to Inheritance" implemented by Women's Affairs Center-Gaza; funded by the European Union in coordination with Danish Church Aid (DCA). Today; the center in collaboration with Al Zaitoon Association for Training and pioneering launched   "So as Not to Lose My Right" campaign aiming at promoting the inheritance case through media means.

Reem Al Nairab –" Woman's Right to Inheritance" project coordinator from WAC – said "This campaign aims at its first phase to implement four women's focus groups to work on aware them about their right to inheritance; and then providing women who are forbidden to access their inheritance right with psychosocial support.

She added "During the second phase; the community leaders will be targeted as they are considered to be an official party and people resort to them to solve their social problems including inheritance. Intensive trainings will be conducted targeting community leaders, these trainings will cover topics related to women's inheritance right.

Al Nirab explained "Community leaders training aims at adding legal strength and experience because they judge based on traditions and norms. In addition; community leaders will be trained on how to solve problems especially problems related to women, as a lot of women complained during previous phases of the project that community leaders' interventions often force women to abandon their rights to solve inheritance problems"

Nada Meqdad – "So as Not to Lose My Right" Campaign Coordinator from Al Zaitoon Association for Training and pioneering – said " This campaign and during the current phase in coordination with a lawyer ;who runs the women's sessions; will work on raising women's awareness about their inheritance right and necessary cases will be transferred to Women's Affair Center".

She added " The campaign will be implemented in Al Zaitoon neighborhood East Gaza city and surrounding areas. In this area, a lot of women are forbidden to access their inheritance right; and most of the inhabitance are lands and prosperities owners and disputes may raise among them because of the inheritance.

Meqdad declared her hope that this campaign may contribute in promoting women's inheritance right case, delivering women's voice to all society and activating media role in this case.

This campaign is the third one out of five; Women's Affairs Center and its partners are working on implementing them within the project "Women's Right to Inheritance". The first campaign titled " Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO " implemented by Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits North of the Gaza Strip and the second on titled "It is my Right to Inherit" implemented by Women's Activity Center  Al Maghazi Middle Area.