Women's Affairs Center Releases A New Issue of Al-Ghayda'a Magazine about the Nakba and the Palestinian Heritage





Gaza-August,2012/The Palestinian Nakba and the heritage with their relation to the Palestinian woman" were the main subject of the issue no 39 of Al-Ghyda'a Magazine issued by Women's Affairs Center.


Amal Syam _The Executive Director of WAC_ wrote in this issue about the woman in Palestinian proverbs while the journalist Ebtisam Mahdi wrote about the Palestinian heritage materials, as well Saer Masoud wrote about the peasant embroideries.


This issue also included a report entitled "The Bedouin Woman Weaving her Life in A Fur House" written by Saffa Al-hassant.  Furthermore, Mayssa Aziza wrote about the Palestinian woman's struggle and her strength as well as Shereen Khaleefa wrote about the neglected Palestinian heritage.


Moreover, Hassan Dohan wrote in this issue about the creative works of 80 girls from the Gaza Strip to commemorate the Nakba anniversary. Fedaa Abu Alataa also told the story of Fatema with the Nakba and the life, while Mohammed Al-swafiri interviewed an ordinary and extraordinary housewife.


Futhermore, the scoop of Al-Ghyda'a highlighted the activists role through social media, while Hanan Abo Daghim explored the children's opinions about the Nakba.


Besides, Yasmeen Saqallah worte in her report about the woman's health after the age of forty, while Emad Abo Shawish discussed the subject of UNISCO's recognition of Palestine.


Samar Al-Dreamly _Media Coordinator at WAC_ said, "In every new issue of Al-Ghyda'a Magazine, we highlight a subject or an important phenomenon through a number of reports. She expresses her hope that this magazine become monthly one.


More than 900 issues were published and distributed to many different institutions in different parts of the Gaza strip in addition to publishing it on WAC's official website.