Summer Camp:  In coordination with Women's Affairs Center at Al Magahzi

Titled "It is my Right to Inherit"


10th July 2012- Gaza/ Women's Activity Center   launched a campaign titled "It is my Right to Inherit" in Al Maghazi today at the morning; within the project " Women's Right to Inheritance" . The project is implemented by Women's Affairs Center funded by the European Union in coordination with Danish Church Aid (DCA).


 "It is my Right to Inherit" campaign implemented by Women's Activity Center- Al Maghazi; is one of WAC's partners within the project. The campaign includes implementing 12 awareness raising workshops for women in Al Maghazi area, In addition to distributing labels holding the campaign logo "It is my Right to Inherit" in the center of Al Maghazi area.


Reem Al Nairab –" Woman's Right to Inheritance" project coordinator from WAC – said " This campaign "It is my Right to Inherit" implemented by Women's Activity Center is the second campaign within the project; aiming at raising the awareness of the public opinion about preventing women from their right to inheritance case and to create a public opinion to support women to access their inheritance.


Al Nairab added " The new thing about the campaign is targeting female school students through the summer camp which its activities are focused on the inheritance issue; each student will practice her own hoppy and will apply it to serve this case. The camp was divided into several angles; the most significant ones are the legal, art and drama angels".


She expressed her hope that this campaign may contribute within all its activities to raise citizens' awareness about the importance of women's right to inheritance. She added "This campaign is a response for people's need in this area to be aware about this issue. As 12 awareness sessions are going to be implemented. The students were active during the summer camp; a uniform were designed for them as they put on t-shirts and hats holding the logo of the campaign, the same logo printed on the   labels posted on Al Maghazi's municipality walls".


Shainaz Mesleh – The campaign coordinator from Women's Activity Center/ Al Maghazi- said "The camp was divided into several angles the most significant one is the legal angle; as the students explained and discussed issues related to inheritance with the support of a lawyer and a psychosocial specialist who work as activators at the camp. At the art corner the students created models and drawings related to the inheritance issue and will be posted at the center's wall after the closing of the camp. At the drama corner the students are rehearsing a short play sketch written by them.


 Mesleh mentioned that the sketch will be presented at the end of the summer camp; during an open day with the presence of all women participated in the awareness sessions and the students too.


It is worthy to mention that this campaign is the second one out of five. Women's Affairs Center declared the closing of the first campaign" Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" two months ago implemented by  Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits.