Women's Affairs Center Targets Men: Workshops Aimed at Raising the Awareness of Women and Gender Issues


Gaza-July 2012/ Twenty workshops were implemented by Women's Affairs Center in Gaza city last May. The center aimed through its activities to raise the awareness of both women and men about women and gender issues, 500 marginalized householder men were targeted in coordination with community based organizations across the Gaza Strip.

Shireen Rabe'a- Training Coordinator- said "The most important discussed topics were" Violence against Women, Political Participation, Early Marriage, Women's Rights, Women's Role in Maintaining Peace and Social Reconciliation" indicating that number of specialists and expertise from both gender supervised the workshops.

The change in his way of thinking and acquiring new information were so obvious with the participant Sa'aid Abu Haloub from Bait Lahiah North of Gaza. Sa'aid said "After the workshops I felt a change in the way I think and in my personality. Also, I gained valuable information about women and gender I never knew before".

Abu Haloub is seeking now to transfer his acquired knowledge to his married sons, in addition to aware them about the Wasted Women's Rights based on his own perspective.

 Mohamad Al Nakahl from Khrbit Al Adas South of the Strip clarified that these workshops satisfied his needs for gaining new concepts about Women's Rights. Al Nakahl said "I was totally unaware about women's rights. Now, I became able to defend her". He was so enthusiastic to participate with several discussion sessions after being involved in the workshop implemented by the center.