25 Success Stories were Recorded as a Conclusion for "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign


Gaza- June 2012/ Participants recommended with the necessity of future working to accelerate court procedures in cases related to inheritance; especially for women. And to work on ensuring guarantees to activate these procedures.


During an open meeting, the participants mentioned the necessity to work with mosques preachers and Imams to play their role in reminding people that preventing women to access to their inheritance is forbidden in our religion; and God treats women and men in equal basis. 


Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits implemented today an open meeting as a closing event for "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign targeting North of Gaza strip. Number of civil society activists in North of the strip attended the meeting; along with number of women who participated in several workshops related to women's Right to Inheritance and women who demanded their inheritance right.


This campaign is conducted under the umbrella of "Women's Right to Inheritance" project conducted by Women's Affair Center-Gaza; funded by Danish Church Aid (DCA) in cooperation with the European Union. The Cooperative Association is one of WAC's local partners in this project.


Reem Al Nairab –" Woman's Right to Inheritance" project coordinator from WAC – said " The campaign achieved a success in raising the awareness, as it was proved that most of the women don’t demand their rights due to their ignorance of the existing of this right. Usually they are manipulated and provided with twisted information and they sign contracts without knowing what they signed for.


She added the campaign also raised the awareness of men who live in the North of the strip. In addition; a lot of women demanded their Right to Inheritance and they went to the center to provide them with legal aid either to have legal consultation or presenting legal complain to help them getting their right.


Al Nairab ensured that the center is willing to stand along with the women to get their inheritance right back.


Mervatt Hasouna – "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign coordinator from Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits- said "The campaign lasted for four months targeting three area Bait Lahia, Bait Hanooun and A'zbit Bait Hanooun".


She also said "The campaign recorded 25 success stories for women demanded their inheritance right; ten women already got their right while the others are still demanding.  This campaign created a debate in the street about preventing women from their rights and this case became the concern of the people who live in the area".


Hasouna explained "During the campaign, twenty workshops were implemented to raise the women's awareness; two radio advertisements broadcasted on three local radio stations and unified posters for the campaign were printed.


Aida Al Laham- "Women's Right to Inheritance" project lawyer- said " The project achieved several success stories for women whom were deprived from their inheritance right, indicating that usually traditions and norms are shaped as " people's religion"; and people follow them over following God's religion.


She added "It was captured that a lot of women were deprived from getting married due to their inheritance and women were forced to abandon their inheritance; even law and religion guaranteed the right to inheritance for both women and men; and it is very obvious and clear in the Holy Quran".


Al Laham called upon the necessity of enacting a law to determine a deadline to distribute the inheritance to ensure that both women and men had their right.


During the session Hala Sa'dat presented her story in demanding her right. Saying that she participated in an awareness workshop about inheritance, she had a pamphlet distributed among the participants and went to her brothers' house demanding and asking for her right.


  Sa'dat added "My sisters joined me in demanding our right, my brothers agreed upon giving us our right. Later on, I asked my husband to distribute their inheritance and to give his sisters their rights and indeed he did".


 She carried on "I got several pamphlets about Right to Inheritance distributed by Women's Affair Center; and I distributed them among women who didn’t participate in these sessions asking them to demand for their right".


At the end of the meeting a discussion was opened among the audience to view widely the outcomes of the campaign and how to get benefit from them in coming campaigns.


"Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign is the first one among five campaigns the center is planning to implement during this year within "Women's Right to Inheritance" project in coordination with WAC's local partners " Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits, Al Zaitoon Association for Training and pioneering, The Society of Women Graduates in the Gaza Strip, Women Programs Center- Al Maghazi and Women Programs Center- Rafah.