Women's Affair Center implemented a Training Course aimed at Empowering Male and Female University Law Students to Read the Palestinian Law Based on Gender Perspective



Gaza- 12th June 2012/ To empower male and female university law students and to read the Palestinian law based on gender perspective; Women's Affair Center closed a training course titled " Reading the Palestinian Law based on Gender Perspective" ; 40 hours training course for six days  with the participation of 70 male and female lawyers within the project " Enhancing Reaching Justice in Marginalized Areas in the Gaza Strip"  funded by United Nations Development Program (UNDP).


The training course witnessed a numerous number of participation; the participants were divided into two groups to get more benefit out of the course. Hala Al Qishawi – Projects Coordinator- said " The course covered various topics; such as: Gender, the Palestinian Law, Civilian Law, labor law, Punishment Law, Violence against Women, Communication, Time Management and Presentation Skills. Indicating; a group of professional lawyers conducted the course".


Nisreen Al 'Aklouk- A lawyer- said "The training course was so useful to me and added new information I didn’t know before; it provided me a new perspective of the Palestinian law and I started to read the Palestinian law based on gender perspective. In addition; it contributed to encourage me making a change in laws serving men and women".


Ehab Al Shanty- A lawyer- explained that the course provided him with new information about the social gender, he never knew before. In addition;   the training course helped him to read the Palestinian law based on gender perspective and to analyze the positive and negative sides of this law related to women.


It is worthy to mention that the project "Enhancing Access to Justice in Marginalized Areas in the Gaza Strip"   aims at enhancing and increasing the law awareness in the Palestinian society and to present some cases on court free of charge. In addition to provide legal and social counseling and organizing legal and social awareness workshops.