Gaza- 7th May 2012/ Specialists recommended to seek for solving kindergartens' workers and nurseries problems; and to prepare a suitable plan to overcome problems and violations faced by nursery workers   especially not activating the items of labor law related to nurseries.

The recommendations resulted during a radio episode conducted to honor the Labor Day "1st May" broadcasted through Al Imaan radio station within the "Women and Society" program conducted by Women's Affair Center in Gaza, the episode focused in details on the nursery workers'   circumstances, reality and violations they are exposed to in this field.

The lawyer Karem Nashwan – Democracy and Workers Rights Center Manager- participated in the program presented by the journalist and radio announcer Hanan Abu Daghim; subjecting the reality of kindergarten workers and the role of nurseries. He ensured that not activating the Labor Law is one of the deepest obstacles faced by nursery workers in this vital sector.

Nashwan discussed the difficulties and violations nursery workers suffer from in nurseries; clarifying that the nursery union doesn’t hold the responsibility alone but other parties do too.  He called the official parties to specify certain criteria to grant a registration for nursery; in addition to organizing workshops to prepare plans and to reduce their suffering.

Nashwan mentioned the authority role in this situation as it doesn’t establish or build nurseries; the authority leaves this responsibility for the private sector and civil society organizations and this means that its role is not essential and its responsibility is not direct. Its role is limited to identifying criteria, specifications and conditions for granting a registration and to supervise applying these criteria, this is happening only if the nursery submitted for a registration and most of them do not ;so they are out of monitoring and supervising .

Dina Al Manaia – Jawaher Al Qasmi Nursery Manager- ensured on the importance of nursery stage in shaping the character of the kid. She said "Psychologists and Education experts assured that the basis in building the kid personality starts in his/her first years because in this phase the child needs for security, intimacy, acceptance, play and movement. The nurseries should do a very important role in these aspects through the nanny mothers".

She added "If the nanny is comfortable and feels secure in her job she will provide all her energy and care to the kid but this won't happen as long as the nursery workers are facing difficulties and violations in their work in Palestine generally".

Al Manaia indicated that the most significant violations nursery workers face are the low wages which may not exceed 200 N.I.S (New Israeli Shekel), the deprivation from annual and pregnancy and maternity leaves, the absence of a healthy work environment, the lack of law and arbitrary dismiss. In addition to the humiliated and non-humanitarian treatment issued by the owners of the nurseries who consider nursery as a profitable project nothing more.

Afaf Abu Riala- Media Supervisor at the Workers Union monitoring the Nursery Role- said "Our union is a practical, professional, managerial, developmental and non-profitable; and it is the only body that works in organizing the kindergarten workers in nurseries".

She wished all people to support the union especially in providing them with a premise, all required official papers, identify salaries and working hours, the female workers right to gain experience and fixed working contracts.

Abu Riala emphasized on a very important point which is the necessity of not perceive nannies as wage workers because this violates their rights and a violation for the Child Right; and due to this the specialized parties, nursery owners and parents should be aware about this case, take care of them and providing them with their rights.

Episode guests agreed upon the necessity of providing projects to support the wages of the male and female workers in this sector; aiming at enhancing the income level and working conditions in nurseries. Also, they agreed upon the importance of creating cooperation between Labor and Education ministries and the union to create solutions for the nurseries problems in general.