During an Awareness session conducted by Women's Affair Center: Women Recommend to Implement "Women's Right to Inheritance " Awareness Sessions for Men


Gaza-29th April 2012/ "I will demand my inheritance no matter what will happen, I have nothing to lose. I have very complicated problems with my husband who treats me and my nine children harshly; my situation is critical. I asked my brothers to give me my share from my father's house to live in but they refused. I felt shy and didn’t ask again but I will never give up my right any more. No one understands my situation or feels what I suffer".


Ms. Suhair- A housewife- stated the above during an awareness session about "Women's Right to Inheritance" conducted today by Women's Affair Center at Well Makers Society at Dair Al Balah Middle of Gaza strip with the participation of 30 women; within the project "Women's Right to Inheritance" implemented by the center in coordination with Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) and the Palestinian Working Women's Society for Development funded by Danish Church Aid (DCA) through the European Union.


The women interacted with Suhair and supported her; and recommended to conduct "Women's Right to Inheritance" awareness sessions for men and elderly.


Islah Hasania- Women's Rights to Inheritance Project Lawyer- said "During the sessions I realized a high degree of acceptance from the participants; discussing details and being convinced that they are protected by law".


She added "But I realized a science of fear in their eyes to demand their inheritance. This fear is resulted due to several reasons such as: the concern of family disrupted; the concern of being harmed or beaten and others may fear their children may be harmed by their brothers".


Hasania explained that the sessions reviled women's lack awareness about their inheritance right details like regular will and   directive will and other details. But now, the awareness is raised about the legal methods to distribute the inheritance.


Reem Al Nairab  -Women's Right to Inheritance Project Coordinator- said " The focus is to implement awareness raising sessions for women aiming at raising their inheritance right's awareness; whoever knows her right will know how to demand and fight for it. During the next stage; men will be targeted especially after recommending and demanding to do so ".


Al Nairab added "After each session we receive phone calls asking for legal consultation and a lot of women informed us that they already demanded and asked for their right; and this motivates us more to continue providing legal aid for women to eliminate their inheritance right denial".

During the session; the women asked several times to conduct such awareness sessions in areas where women are forbidden to get married because of their inheritance or  to make them chose either to marry or to get her inheritance".


Ms. Harba said " I don’t own a lot of inheritance; only part of my father's house but I am not going to give up my right. It provides me protection and security".


Ms. Hanan said "The presence of women in one place and opening a discussion about their Right to inheritance gives an opportunity to exchange experiences and opinions. In addition; it works on strengthening the women to demand their rights".


Ms. Suhair said " Yes; women's support and encourage gave me the strength to continue my bath". Suhair dedicated special thanks for all women who supported her.