During a Workshop Organized by Women's Affair Center: An Invitation to Incubate and Document the Palestinian Women's Resume

Gaza-24th April 2012/ Researchers and Academics called upon incubating and documenting the Palestinian women's Resume; and duplicating the in-depth field researches related to women issues.

In addition; they demanded to enlarge the scientific researches related to Palestinian women's issues, history and achievements on political, social and cultural levels. They also called the Palestinian university students to adapt such ideas to fill the research gap in this field.

These calls resulted during a workshop organized by Women's Affair Center titled "Palestinian Women's Issues Research Studies"; with the presence of number of researchers, academics, civil society organizations' representatives and women's organizations' representatives at Al Beach Hotel in Gaza city. During the workshop a discussion raised about two recent researches subjected the Palestinian women's issues; the first research done by Maryiam Al Mzain titled " The Social and Political Content for the Palestinian Feminine Speech from 1994 to 2010" an analytical research for the intellectual feminine movement all over the Gaza strip. The second research done by Ghassan Al Shami titled "The Palestinian Women's Role in Fighting the Israeli Occupation from 1967 to 1993".

Hidaia Sham'un – Research and Information Coordinator- said "The purpose of the intellectual debate is to highlight on the Palestinian women's issues in scientific research; and to motivate researches to focus on such issues to fill the research gap in the research field that suffers from lack of researches subjected women's issues".

Sham'un clarified that the center is obviously concern about research work related to women's issues along with WAC's objectives to enhance the decision making ability based on knowledge and achieve gender equality through developing scientific research database and train women.

She indicated that the center conducted 23 various researches about feminine research from 1999 to 2010.

The academic Dr. Naser Abu Al A'taa ensured that the value of the two researches embodied in its use; its nature and crossing the traditional boundaries. Large quantities of researches were done to have scientific degree; but the presented researches are varying in their content and quality and they contain a lot of efforts and depth thinking.


Abu Al A'taa said "Despite the importance of these two researches but they didn’t mention the Middle East feminine theories, and only highlighted on the local reality of the Palestinian women without relating it with the Arabic environment; in addition the researches are lacking knowledge in the feminine movements experience in the social and cultural developments".

He attributed the previous mentioned case to the weakness of translation and lack of knowing other languages. Calling to focus on the cultural and social contexts surrounding the Palestinian women and to consider the women as an independent human being not as a follower.