Continuing the events of "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign

Witnessed Eight Success Stories


Gaza-23rd April 2012/ "My name is Manal! My children and I were deprived from my father's inheritance; our financial situation is very critical, it is possible to be better than it is. I demand the whole society to do justice to a lot of women like me; inheritance is a right for women. It works on developing the situation of my children and mine ".


This is a part of a radio advertisement which was broadcasted on three local radio stations within the campaign "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" implemented by Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits one of WAC's local partners as part of " Women's Right to Inheritance" project conducted by WAC in cooperation with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) and the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) funded by Danish Church Aid (DCA) through the European Union (EU).


Reem Al Nairab –" Woman's Right to Inheritance" project coordinator from WAC – said" This campaign aims at raising the awareness of the target groups about women' Right to Inheritance and to contribute in eliminating the phenomena of depriving women from their inheritance right.  Two radio advertisements were broadcasted on three local radio stations within the campaign in Gaza strip and twenty awareness sessions were implemented witnessing eight success stories".


Al Nairab added "Through the continuing monitoring of the campaign's events; we recognize that the campaign contributed in modifying the participants' perspectives towards granting women their inheritance right. In addition; a lot of women spoke out their minds and demanded their right". She also said the sessions conducted for women raised debates and discussions among women about who holds the responsibility for depriving women from their inheritance right. Despite the various opinions, at the end all of them agreed upon the necessity of getting women their rights; this means a positive discussions had raised among the women about this case.


Mervatt Hasouna – "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign coordinator from Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits- said " During the campaign twenty awareness sessions were conducted about women's Right to Inheritance for women, men, youth and Bait Lahia and Bait Hanooun community leaders in addition to 600 participants from Bait Lahia and Bait Hanooun".


She added "Radio advertisements about women's right to inheritance were broadcasted for two months, five times per day ,at three local radio stations. In addition to our participating in developing a unified poster for the campaign".


She indicated "Currently we are preparing to conduct a seminar about depriving women from their inheritance right with the presence of community leaders and representatives, elders, local and women organizations".


Hasouna ensured that eight women submitted a complain demanding their inheritance right and the association is monitoring their cases. Also; the campaign contributed in raising the awareness of the participants about women's right to inheritance.


It is worthy to mention that this campaign is the first one out of five advocacy campaigns; the center is preparing to conduct them during this year within "Women's Right to Inheritance" project. It also works on implementing 69 awareness sessions across all Gaza strip's governorates.