With Launching the Second Phase of Awareness Raising Sessions:  An Invitation to Follow "Youth to Youth" Approach to Raise Aware About Women's Inheritance Right


Gaza-16th April 2012/ University students called upon following "Youth to Youth" approach to raise the awareness about women's inheritance right; and the necessity of implementing awareness   raising sessions for men, elderly and school students. In addition to the importance of positive participation of religion and reform men in raising the awareness and enhancing social and legal justice concepts related to inheritance.


These recommendations resulted during an awareness session about " Women's Right to Inheritance" conducted today by Women's Affairs Center at Al Weddad Association for Community Rehabilitation with the presence of university students as a launching event for the second phase in implementing awareness sessions under the project  " Women's Right to Inheritance" conducted by WAC in cooperation with Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)   in Jerusalem and The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development (PWWSD) in West Bank funded by Danish Church Aid (DCA) through the European Union (EU).


 Reem Al Nairab –" Woman's Right to Inheritance" project coordinator from WAC – said "Implementing awareness sessions for youth aims at benefiting from this active and vibrant important category and their ability to affect each other's and their social environment. In addition; they have a strong persuasive skills. Therefore, they are considered to be the real change portal we seek to protect women from repeating the tragedy of denying their right to inheritance in the future.


She added "In the next phase we will work on conducting more sessions with youth because of their ability to influence and create social change. This session comes within the framework of the third year of the project "Women's Right to Inheritance"; as 96 awareness sessions will be conducted across the Gaza strip targeting all social categories. In addition to conduct five advocacy campaigns in cooperation with five local partners and Women's Affair Center in Gaza strip.


Angham Herz Allah – A university student- said "Women are prevented from their Right to Inheritance due to the traditions and norms that deprive them demanding their rights; and this should be changed. We as youth have a duty towards this case; we can conduct youth initiatives supporting women's access to their inheritance right and embody true change. I support the idea of "Youth to Youth", when we attended the meeting we told our parents about what we learnt and of course this creates positive effect towards the case.  Also, I told my friends who didn’t attend the meeting about what I heard and they transferred the knowledge they learnt from me to others; especially we didn’t know about these details related to this case".


Fares Shik Al Eid – An Engineer student- said "The University students have the ability to change, they own intelligence and awareness. Young people believe in women's rights including their Right to Inheritance".

He ensured the importance of these sessions to aware youth about the details of distributing and dividing the inheritance; especially women's share. He considers holding this case as a humanitarian duty youth should share it".


He added "I believe it is important to follow Youth to Youth approach to make a change; in this way we can reach the largest number of youth who are able to change and influence".


Last year 96 sessions were implemented targeting 2000 women, 500 women provided with legal consultation and approximately 40 women claimed their right to inheritance and some of them could gain it.


It is worthy to mention that "Inheritance is a Right … Deprivation NO" campaign implemented by Cooperative Association for Saving and Credits one of WAC's local partner is proceeding its events including radio advertisement and workshops about" Women's Right to Inheritance".