Women's Affair Center is Planning to Conduct a Bibliography for the Palestinian Woman

Gaza-12th April 2012/ Number of specialists recommended with the necessity of documenting all what had been written about the Palestinian women to help researchers and interest parties to find all women's issues in one book.

The recommendation resulted out of a focus group organized by Women's Affair Center in Gaza city to present the best ideas to prepare a list of books, studies and reports related to the Palestinian women's issues in various fields; called in Greek Bibliography.

Hidaia Sham'un – Research and Information Coordinator- said "One of the most important goals is to find out the most focused issues in the literature about the Palestinian women; and the proposed time line to cover the documentation from the beginning of 2000 until the end of 2011."

Sham'un added "Some participants suggested classifying the materials that will be collected based on its content (Political, social, economical) or chronically from newest to oldest or according to the type of written material".

She explained that a questionnaire will be designed as a model to collect data about previous literature related to women. During the collection process the focus will be on the content regardless the writer a local, Arabic or international organizations or a personal writer.

Sham'un indicated that the focus will be on the Palestinian woman herself regardless the place; but due to the sensitive situation of the Gaza Strip studies and researches made in Gaza will be concerned greatly. In addition to what is available on the Web such as references and documented studies.

A participant explained during the session that there is a great lack of the suggested subject in libraries; and most of the writers face difficulties in collecting information about the reality of the Palestinian woman; in addition the internet doesn’t cover all the reality of the Palestinian women situation.